Reasons to Love WordPress

It is WordPress that has turned everyone into a blogger these days. Well if you were in exile and don’t know what WordPress is, let me tell you it is a Content Management System. To all those giving me a ‘What are you talking about’ look, allow me to simplify. It is a computer application that helps in the creation and modification of digital content. WordPress is basically the backbone of 26.4% websites on the internet. The only reason for you not to love it could be that you haven’t used it yet! Else, there could be no other reason. Now, as we are talking about reasons, let me tell you Why I Love it and you should too.

1) Easy to use

Unlike its competitors Joomla or Drupal, WordPress does not require any pre-requisites. If you don’t know either HTML or PHP, there is absolutely no problem. I like to say that WordPress comes without any baggage. You simply choose a theme that you like and start editing it. Change the content and pictures and you are good to go. For developers who would like to change the position of the placeholders or other stuff, they can always make changes in the template files. WordPress is made for everyone, starting from a newbie to a pro.

2) Plugins

Want to add an image slider? Or maybe an e-commerce cart? Or maybe a hits counter? You can do it all with the help of plugins. Plugins are software components that add a specific feature to an existing computer program. It makes website design a simple task for you. Tasks like making an e-commerce website don’t seem equivalent to climbing a mountain. WordPress is not originally SEO friendly, but by installing several plugins you can easily make it so. These plugins make it easy for anyone to enhance their SEO with little work required.

3) Community Support

We as human beings require support in every aspect of our lives. Then why not while on the website design? WordPress has a huge community of users who are always ready to help each other.  There is a discussion board where people can easily talk about all technical issues. And trust me something is definitely fishy if you have no issues!

4) Speedy Processing

WordPress works like flash (the superhero and not the software). It is not a bulky software which makes it easy to use. There are no design elements that slow down the working of the website. Google ranks websites according to the speed of their processing, which makes using WordPress templates a very wise choice.

5) Quick Installation

While we are talking about speed, let’s not forget the installation of WordPress is very fast. All you need is 5-10 minutes and your desktop is ready for you! You could directly install it on your hosting site. Usually, all website hosts provide the one step option of installing WordPress on your website itself. This saves you the task of even using the FTP server to upload WordPress installation files.

All that said, practical is always better than theory. So why don’t you go and download WordPress and get back with your own reasons to love it!